About Us

Emergency Online Offer The Most Comprehensive Selection Of Premium Specialty Products, With An Emphasis On Superior Quality, Exceptional Value, And Outstanding Customer Service. We Strongly Believe That Customer Satisfaction Is Crucial To Our Company’S Success-And So We Make Every Effort To Assist Our Customers In All Possible Ways.

Quality Assurred

Our Products Are Thoroughly Tested. The Supplier Who Offers The Highest Quality Product Invariably Wins Our Business, Even For Example If We Could Obtain The Product Cheaper Elsewhere. Our Commitment To The Highest Quality Products Forms The Foundations Of Our Products. We Want You To Be Using Products That Work, After All It Is In Our Interest That You Come Back And Purchase Them Again!
We Independently Test Our Products To Ensure That The Supplier Is Also Maintaining Their High Standards. If The Product Is Even 1% Below Our Expectations, We Have No Hesitation In Rejecting It.

Low Pricing

Pricing Is Of Course Paramount To Our Position As One Of The World S Cheapest Supplier Of Plant Food Ingredients. We Have Large Buying Power Which Enables Us To Get The Very Lowest Prices On Every Product We Carry. Suppliers Are Keen To Win Our Business So We Can Certainly Drive A Very Hard Bargain, And Ensure That These Savings Are Passed On To You.We Buy Direct And Sell Direct. Normal Retail Channels Can Have Four Companies Taking A Share Of The Retail Price, Which Of Course Means That You, The Consumer, Pay More.

Guaranteed Delivery Of All Products

It Is Also What Enables Verified Vendor Mall To Guarantee Every Delivery. We Won’T Process Your Requested Order Unless We’re 100 Percent Certain We Can Ship It. We Worked Hard To Establish Proper Relationships With Shipping Authorities So We Can Be Confident In Fulfilling Every Order That Is In Place. With Vvendor Online Mall, You Have Total Trust And Commitment.